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Business interruption insurance

If your business ever experiences a setback, it could take some time to recoup. But when you’re covered by our business interruption insurance, we’ll help you get back on track if something goes awry. So if an accident ever occurs, you can rest assured knowing that we’ll cover your loss of income and the increased costs of working, and help get your business up and running.

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  • Loss of income
  • Increased costs of working
  • Gross income payment adjustment that takes into account the trends in your business.
  • Damage by an insured event which prevents access to your business, closure or evacuation of premises.
  • Loss of income resulting from:
    • damage to a public utility service, supplier or customer’s premises that supplies you with goods or services.
    • transport infrastructure damage to roads, bridges and rail lines used by you for conveying property for your business activities.
    • damage by an insured event to property owned by you, or for which you are legally responsible, while in transit by road, rail, sea or air within Australia

  • Computer installation, including ancillary equipment and data processing media.
  • Documents temporarily removed from your premises.
  • Rewriting of records.
  • Professional fees associated with claims preparation costs.

Cover can also be extended to government incentives, fines or penalties arising from non-completion or late completion of orders and other costs arising from interruption of trade.

Optional benefits

  • Outstanding accounts receivable
  • Additional increased cost of working
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