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Landlord insurance

Owning an investment property can be a truly rewarding experience. But without the right protection, you could encounter trouble if something goes wrong. An Elders Insurance landlord policy is designed to cover you for events including accidental loss or damage, theft and liability for an incident at your property that causes loss or damage to property, or death or bodily injury for which you are liable.

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  • Accidental loss of and accidental or malicious damage to home and contents
  • Accidental, purposeful, or malicious damage or theft caused by tenants, tenant’s family, or tenant’s visitors


Loss or damage caused directly by the following insured events:

  • Fire, smoke or explosion
  • Flood
  • Storm (including cyclone or hurricane) and / or rain)
  • Lightning or thunderbolt
  • Earthquake or tsunami
  • Theft or attempted theft
  • Accidental, purposeful or malicious acts by tenants, or tenant’s family or visitors
  • Riot, civil commotion, industrial dispute or political disturbance
  • Water damage
  • Impact by vehicles
  • Burnout electric motor
  • Power surge to domestic appliances or equipment
  • Land erosion or earth movement caused by explosion, storm or flood; earthquake, tsunami or escaping liquid
  • Damage caused by animals or birds
  • Legal liability to pay compensation or expenses up to $30,000,000 for any one occurrence to other people and their property.

If we agree the cost to repair or replace your home is greater than your home sum insured, we will pay up to 30% more than your sum insured to either: repair your home; replace your home to the same condition; or pay the reasonable cost of its repair or replacement to a condition substantially the same as when new.


Depending on whether you purchase protection for your home, contents or both, a range of additional benefits may apply:

  • Reasonable costs of demolition and removal of debris from the site if your home is damaged as a result of an insured event.
  • Replacement of locks and keys if damaged or stolen by someone other than the tenant or their family breaking into your home.
  • Extra costs of reinstatement associated with a statutory authority.
  • Payment of fees incurred directly in relation to repair or replacement of your home.
  • Trees, shrubs and plants damaged by an insured event.
  • Building materials lost or damaged on site.


Rent Default (option)

Unfortunately, our experience tells us that many landlords experience tenants defaulting on rent or causing severe property damage beyond what would be covered by a security deposit (bond money).

Talk to us about cover for: tenants not paying the rent before the end of the tenancy period; death, murder or suicide at the premises; refusal of a tenant to leave the location or pay rent; and when a court or tribunal releases a tenant from their obligation to pay rent due to hardship.


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