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Business liability insurance

Life is full of surprises and challenges, and as a business owner you’ll probably know this to be true. So in the event that something goes wrong and a third party is affected, our business liability insurance will help protect you and your business against claims for both public liability and products liability.

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  • Personal injury or property damage
  • Defence of claims

Public liability
Public liability cover protects you and your business if you are found liable for losses or damage suffered by a third party as a result of negligence. This can include death or injury, loss or damage to property and economic loss.

Products liability 
If you provide goods and services to your customers, it is important to have protection against claims of damage, injury or death caused by products or services sold or supplied through your business. We can cover you for goods you manufacture, sell or deliver.

  • Our business liability insurance can cover you for property in your physical control and in your legal control.
  • It can also include cross-liability insurance to protect both parties if they are insured under the same policy.
  • The cover can extend to occurrences involving vehicles used as a tool of trade, for instance during loading and unloading.

By consolidating your liability and assets covers into one insurance package, we can ensure your business has the appropriate cover it needs.

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