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Farm liability insurance

Elders Insurance is renowned for providing personalised solutions to help cover the many risks of farming. Our farm liability insurance is flexible, and can be suited to your specific needs. So if an accident ever happens to a visitor, or affects the property of others, you’ll know you have the right protection in place.

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  • Expenses incurred by you for emergency first aid and treatment to others.
  • When you choose our farm liability insurance, we may also pay some other costs in addition to the sum insured.
  • Your liability to pay compensation for personal injury and property damage which arises out of your farm business up to the amount of your sum insured.
  • These include legal costs incurred by us or you (if we have agreed in writing to pay) for the defence or negotiation of settlement of any claim for which you are insured.

Automatic additional benefit

  • Property in your physical and legal control up to $500,000 for buildings, $10,000 per animal and $100,000 for all other

Optional benefits:

  • Farm hosting
  • Aerial spraying
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