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Farm insurance

We’re proud of our rich history supporting rural and regional Australians, and our wide range of farm insurance options reflects this. Our cover options and benefits are designed to suit local conditions and circumstances so that you only pay for the cover you actually need.

We offer a wide range of risk protection in one policy, providing peace of mind and financial protection against an array of insured events all in the one package, including your studstock needs. Our local agents will work with you to provide a farm insurance cover that’s perfect for your unique situation.

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Our extensive range of farm insurance covers, provide home & contents insurance packages to protect your belongings , whether it’s a natural disaster, theft, or any other accident.

  • Fusion of electric motors
  • Credit or financial transaction cards
  • Contents in transit
  • Temporary accommodation
  • Valuables cover
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We know your rural property plays a huge role in your everyday life, whether it’s livestock, machinery, buildings or even silage and grain, our farm property insurance and hobby farm insurance can protect your assets.

  • Replanting of trees up to $5,000
  • Fire prevention and extinguishment costs up to $10,000
  • Employees belongings up to $2,000 per employee or $5,000 per occurrence.
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We provide personalised solutions to help cover the many risks of farming. Our farm liability insurance is flexible, so if an accident ever happens, you’ll know you have the right protection in place.

  • Farm hosting
  • Aerial spraying
  • Property in physical & legal control up to $500,000 for buildings, $10,000 per animal and $100,000 all other.
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If any of your agricultural vehicles are ever damaged, stolen or involved in an accident, we offer a range of farm motor insurance covers to suit all circumstances.

  • Hire vehicle costs following theft
  • Removal of debris
  • Recoding or replacement of locks & keys
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We know that hail, fire, livestock intrusion, overspray, transit and storage loss can all spell disaster for your grain crop. Our crop insurance policy will give you the cover you need to protect your crop income.

Full range of farm covers

Our local agents can help you identify the covers you require to protect your livelihood and assets in the event the unexpected occurs. We’ll get to know your farming operations, big or small, discuss your needs and ensure you have a policy that provides you peace of mind.

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