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Business vehicle insurance

Our business vehicle insurance is designed to keep you moving if your vehicles are ever damaged or stolen. We’ll work with you to find a motor vehicle insurance solution that suits your needs, ensuring your business can get right back on track in the event of an accident or loss.

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Three types of cover available:

  • Comprehensive – covers you for loss, damage or theft of your vehicle and damage to someone else’s vehicle
  • Third party property damage including fire and theft – loss, damage or theft of your vehicle caused by fire, explosion, lightning, theft or attempted theft only
  • Third party property damage – cover for damage to someone else’s vehicle

Applicable to Comprehensive only

  • Choice of repairer and a repair guarantee
  • Towing costs
  • Trailer cover – theft or accidental loss or damage to any trailer with a Gross Trailer Mass of less than 2,000 kilograms (other than a caravan) attached to your vehicle or located within your business premises or stored on your home block but not in a common area
  • Hire vehicle following theft
  • Sign writing or fixed advertising signs that are a permanent part of your vehicle
  • Maritime liability if your vehicle is being transported by sea
  • No claim discount
  • Faultless no claim discount - if your vehicle collides with another vehicle then your no claim discount won’t be affected if the collision was totally the fault of the other driver and you obtained the registration number of the other vehicle, full name, licence number and address of the other driver
  • Locks and keys that are lost, destroyed or damaged
  • Windscreen or window glass claim
  • Compensation to a driver of your vehicle who is injured and as a direct result suffers a permanent disability
  • Return the driver of your vehicle back to your business operations or their scheduled destination following a valid claim


Applicable to Comprehensive and Third Party Property Damage including fire and theft only

  • Choice of repairer and a repair guarantee
  • Removal of vehicle debris
  • Fire brigade and/or emergency services charges


Applicable to Third Party Property Damage including fire and theft or third party property damage only

  • Uninsured motorists’ benefit
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