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5 minutes with Elders Insurance Townsville Agent, John Azpiri

11 August 2020

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With 30 years’ experience including 18 years with Elders Insurance, you could say John Azpiri knows insurance.

Like many people, John fell into the industry. After finishing up at the local hardware chain, John took on a role as an area manager at Federation Insurance in his hometown of Ingham, Queensland. As a family man, he was grateful to be able to provide for his young family and give his two daughters the best chance in life – but it also led him to a career he’s found a true passion for.

John’s secret to success is this passion. Today, John manages three branches. Two are located in the small rural towns of Ingham and Ayr, and the third is in the regional city of Townsville.

He expands, “When I have a passion for something, such as providing exceptional client service, then I throw myself at it with full commitment. Achieving the required commitment is easy as passion gives you the energy to deliver anything you wish in life”

This passion saw John win the coveted Elders Insurance Agent of the Year Award in 2018, celebrating his commitment to Elders Insurance and passion for supporting his customers.

John has demonstrated time and time again that his priority is to offer solutions that provide an exceptional experience for his clients.

John explains, “We don’t just talk the talk, we walk it and therefore deliver on our promise. We are very open and honest in our dealings with clients. As an example, I personally deliver claims updates that may not necessarily be a good outcome for the client. I think an explanation and offering alternate options is important, and respectful.”

The local community has faced some tough times, but John and his team are always on the ground to help wherever they can. This was no more evident than during the catastrophic floods which hit Townsville in 2019, resulting in the most significant extreme weather event ever on the east coast of Queensland.

“We had clients who suffered major losses. My team and I made a point of being there very soon after the event, to provide empathy, support and guidance. It always leaves them in a more positive state of mind,” he stated.

"The Townsville floods was such a devastating event for our community. The scale and impact were unlike anything we had ever seen before. Seeing so much loss was heart breaking. But it also showed the power of our team.”

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John is a big believer in building a strong team around him, that embraces the core values of the business. They work on the philosophy of PRIDE: Passion, Respect, Integrity, Discipline and Excellence. This helps with the growth and development of a successful business across multiple locations.

John and the Elders Insurance team bring these values to life every day at work – but also in the broader North Queensland community where Elders Insurance is very active and supports several sporting clubs, non-for-profit charities and local families in need.

"The locals have supported my business over many years, so we are always looking for opportunities to repay the community,” said John.

If you live or work in the Ingham, Ayr or Townsville area and would like to discuss your insurance needs, you can email John here.

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