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5 minutes with Elders Insurance Toowoomba Agent, Leona Lane

2 July 2020

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Born and bred in Toowoomba Queensland, Leona moved to the bright lights of Brisbane at 19, to pursue a career in beauty. Thankfully for Elders Insurance that wasn’t meant to be, and Leona chose a job in insurance instead. Today, Leona once again calls Toowoomba home, bringing her knack for people and business to her clients at Elders Insurance Toowoomba.

Leona started her insurance career at NRMA Brisbane, where she worked for two years before moving back to Toowoomba. With a further seven years’ experience at Suncorp under her belt, she landed the role with Elders Insurance in 2011.

“The Elders Insurance Toowoomba team is well known for the personal support it provides clients; which I believe is just so important. So, I was thrilled to be joining such a fantastic team and brand that has customer and community at its heart.”

In the beginning, Leona had to adapt to the Elders Insurance business and approach. As the youngest person in the team, she was eager and excited to learn anything and everything about insurance and Elders Insurance. It’s this entrepreneurial spirit that has undoubtedly earned her the label of ‘young gun’ and saw her become an instrumental part of the team. So much so that eight years after joining the Elders Insurance Toowoomba family, Leona bought into the business and became a partner in 2019.

Leona credits her insurance knowledge to her colleagues Colin Park and Paul Humphreys.

“I look up to my business partner Paul Humphreys, who’s been building a successful and highly regarded business for more than ten years. Forming and maintaining long-lasting client relationships in a new community is a big inspiration,” stated Leona.

Only 1.5 hours from Brisbane, Toowoomba has grown significantly since Leona was a young girl growing up. It’s now a large regional centre that still retains a country town feel.

Leona said, “Our community is very loyal, and values prompt and efficient service. They like to know who they’re dealing with and want to speak to the same person who knows their situation and needs.”

“I love talking to Toowoomba locals and working in a friendly, experienced team.” continued Leona.

Leona enjoys spending time on the road meeting clients as well as welcoming them into the office. She works hard to make sure her customers are happy, and much of her business comes from their referrals.

She said, “Being approachable and relatable is really important. I always love having a chat with my clients as it helps me to understand what’s important and relevant to them. Clients trust me because I get to know their businesses and personal situations, so they know that if something was to happen, it’s an easy process.”

Understanding and empathising with a customer’s needs is a big part of the job, and every client’s needs are different – as are each of the claims that come through, explained Leona.

“A gentleman once wet his hearing aids in the shower and thought it was a good idea to put them in the microwave to dry out. Needless to say, it didn’t end well for the hearing aids!”, laughed Leona.

Leona’s honest, straightforward approach clearly works for her, and the Toowoomba locals.

“I love working at Elders Insurance Toowoomba and am so glad that I joined a fantastic business in such an amazing community.”

If you live or work in the Toowoomba area and would like to discuss your insurance needs, you can email Leona here.



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