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How to deter thieves from your business vehicles

2 June 2016

Australia has one of the highest rates of vehicle theft in the world, says the Australian Institute of Criminology (AIC). It's estimated that in 2009-10, as many as 82,900 motor vehicles were stolen, which is a concerning figure for private and commercial vehicle owners.

As any business owner will no doubt know, having fully functioning vehicles on hand is essential for day-to-day operations. It's therefore within their best interests to make sure thieves are deterred at all times to avoid any disruption to operations.

Commercial vehicles can often be left unattended for periods of time.

While a business vehicle insurance policy will protect you to some extent, it's still better to make sure you're taking all the preventative measures possible to avoid making a claim.

Put expensive items out of sight

Satellite navigation devices, cash and mobile phones are just some of the items that will encourage have-a-go thieves to try entering your commercial vehicles. The AIC reveals that young, opportunistic thieves are responsible for around three-quarters of all cars stolen, which is a worthwhile statistic to bear in mind.

The best option is to remove everything from the vehicle whenever it's left unattended. Leaving a sat nav cradle attached to the windscreen could also be a tell-tale sign there's a device in the vicinity, so it's worth taking this out too.

Make the most of safety features

Modern cars and other vehicles are designed to give us a helping hand when it comes to deterring thieves - so why not use them? From steering wheel locks to immobilisers and remote central locking, there are various ways to make your company vehicles less appealing to thieves.

Figures from Victoria's Crime Statistics Agency show that some makes of vehicle are more vulnerable to theft than others. In 2014, Holden, Nissan, Toyota, Ford and Honda comprised 60.5 per cent of all vehicles stolen.

Protect commercial vehicles from theft using these handy hits.Protect commercial vehicles from theft using these handy hits.

Choose suitable places to park

Commercial vehicles can often be left unattended for periods of time, sometimes in places you might not necessarily be familiar with. Parking in well-lit area, preferably where there's CCTV or plenty of foot traffic, can help reduce the risk of theft.

Crime figures often show spikes in certain areas, while some parts of the country are more prone than others. The Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that Western Australia and the Northern Territory have theft rates of property from a motor vehicle that are higher than the national average.

For peace of mind and protection if your business vehicles fall victim to crime, take a look at the policies we offer. Our commercial vehicle insurance could be just what you need to get your business back on its feet again.

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