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Behind the Scenes: The latest Elders Insurance TV Campaign

2 July 2020

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Our latest TV campaign hit the airwaves this week, and it features some familiar faces. This newest chapter in our brand campaign introduces you to our real Agents, Shaun Bannister and Natalie Sfezzurri, who share with us why our customers stick with us for the long-haul.

Despite the evolving pace of life allowing us change things at the drop of a hat, customers are sticking with Elders Insurance because they value local service and trust us with their insurance for the long-term.

We arrive at the bakery to see Melbourne based Elders Insurance Agent Shaun, meet with a bakery client and see the story unfold of how, through the ups and downs of life and business, he continues to support her.

In this scene we welcome more of our Elders Insurance team members, the real people who work with our customers in their local communities.

We see special appearances from three of our graduates as the “bakery apprentices” and our Melbourne-based Underwriter Simon as a Bakery Manager, along with Shaun’s daughter Emily, and two local team members from Shaun’s Elders Insurance Essendon office.

We elected to use our real team members in the campaign to demonstrate the true values of Elders Insurance, and how our team members are always willing to help out and go the extra mile – no matter what the request!

In our farm scene we introduce Lilydale-based Elders Insurance Agent Natalie on-farm with a client, and through the trials and tribulations of farm life – she too is always there to assist in good times and bad.

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The longstanding partnerships our customers hold with our Elders Insurance Agents is evidence of our extraordinary customer service. We hope that our campaign provides peace of mind that whatever life throws at you, your local Elders Insurance Agents will be there to support you through it.

You can check out our new TV commercials below. 

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